MP3: Aardvarck – LWE Podcast 136

Por más de 30 años, dj Aardvarck (Rednose Distrikt, Amsterdam) ha construido una sólida reputación de calidad sin compromisos y con la flexibilidad de la escena dance europea, tanto metro, wave Soul, Jazz, Electrónica, Hip Hop, R & B, Pop y New wave en los años 80 hasta el presente.


01. Dopplereffekt, “Higgs Mechanism” [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
02. Sandor Caron, “Harmonica And Cross” [Music For Speakers]
03. Sandor Caron, “demo ca. 1999″ [white]
04. Rob D, “Clubbed To Death” (Spoon Mix By Carl Craig) [Mo Wax]
05. Super_Collider, “It Won’t Be Long” [Loaded Records]
06. David Sylvian, “Backwaters” [Virgin]
07. Piece, “Free Your Mind (Past)” [Planet E]
08. Unique 3, “The Theme” [10 Records]
09. La Funk Mob, “Ravers Suck Our Sound” (Carl Craig Remix) [Mo Wax]
10. Balil, “Nort Route” [Planet E]
11. Shake, “My Name Is Binky” [Metroplex, Interface Records]
12. Egotrip, “Dreamworld” [Outer Limits]
13. The Gherkin Jerks, “Strange Creatures” [Gherkin Records]
14. The Orb, “A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsanting Brain That Rules The World From The Centre Of The Ultra-World” [DFC Records]
15. Wagon Christ, “Speakers” [Rising High Records]
16. The Rotating Assembly, “Orchestra Hall” [Sound Signature]
17. Derrick may, “Another Relic” [Buzz]
18. Planetary, “Inner View” [Peacefrog Records]
19. DJ Skull, Unknown track from N.R.G. Music [Saber Music]
20. Underground Resistance, Unknown track [?]
21. OBGB, “Untitled” [Mix Records]
22. Housefactors, “Go Crazy” [Black Market Records]
23. Unknown artist, Taken from Street Sounds Electro (Aardvarck Edit)
[Street Sounds]